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Everyone is unique on their journey.

I can help you navigate a path that amplifies your intentions. Let's talk!

Hypnosis Coaching

Personalized Hypno-Coaching

The Firestarter: 6 Week Program

Ready to kickstart your goal with momentum that lasts? This 6 week personalized hypno-coaching package is your entry to rewiring the limiting beliefs that have held you back for way too long. 

No fluff. Direct and effective subconscious mind training that heals the root of the issue.
Included in your package, is 3 Personalized Hypnosis Sessions, 3 Coaching Calls (with guided meditations) and access to me every step of the way. I hold you accountable and help you find the direct route towards change. 

The Alchemist: 3 Month Program

For the athlete, entrepreneur, empath and lightworker who is ready to amplify their mindset for success. We dissolve the limiting beliefs that are keeping you from your next chapter of expansion. You are ready to take your momentum to new heights with a lazer-focused approach. Included in your program is a Past Life Regression (made up of 2 parts); 4 Personalized Hypnosis Sessions; includes guided meditation recordings perfect for you and unlimited communication via WhatsApp for on-the-go micro-coaching. I utilize all the sacred tools in my toolbox so you embody an accelerated lifestyle that aligns with an empowered and unstoppable mindset for rapid results.

The Quantum Creator Container:

3 Month Group Program

For 3 months, you remain in forward movement toward your quantum leap alongside powerful creators like you. I help you alchemize the seasonal changes, each month building momentum so that you keep growing and shining brighter. You have a dedication to your craft and are committed to sharing your gifts with the world with greater impact. You desire to take action toward your legacy with ferocity, grit, and expanded gratitude. You are ready for the ultimate empowerment. Included in your program is 3 Personalized Hypnosis Sessions; 6 Group Workshops; and communication within your container via WhatsApp.

30 Day Challenge
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The Designed Mind

30 Day Challenge to Reach Your Goal

We begin on the New Moon with intention. To get clear about the one goal that’s been tugging at you for way too long during a one hour LIVE (and recorded) Zoom experience.

I’ve put together the ultimate blueprint so you can get moving, develop deep compassion, ditch procrastination, and train the mind for success for real results.

⚡️Hypnosis + Meditation + Sacred Support

It’s simple. Each morning you set aside time for YOU. Everyday. 
10 minute Guided Meditation audio + 20 minute Guided Hypnosis audio + 1 hour dedicated to YOUR goal.

Total of 90 minutes devoted to the self-care that you crave. Every DANG DAY!

Week 1- Action & Awareness
Week 2- Fears & Freedom
Week 3- Grit & Gratitude
Week 4- Empowerment & Expansion


You get:
🧘‍♀️ 2 x Guided Meditations audios
🧠 2 x Guided Hypnosis audios
💜 4 x Group Coaching Calls every Wednesday, live and recorded via Zoom (1 hour)
🔥 Sacred Support (Private Facebook Group)

Past Life Regresson

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) Past Life Regression

This transformational experience is made up of two parts. Part One, we discuss over the phone your intention for your QHHT session, your "Life Story" where we discuss your life from the beginning to present, and we go over the powerful 20 questions you would like to ask your Higher Self (Part One can take however long it needs to, but on average I would say 2 hours).
Part Two, we meet in-person, in my office located in beautiful Park City, Utah. You will then experience a deep trance state through gentle guided visualization. We will explore 2-3 past lives and connect with your Higher Self to ask your greatest questions. I record the experience for you to enjoy often and to further compound the shifts that are in alignment with your greatest well-being. This is my absolute favorite modality as it is also my specialty!

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Online and In-person Services
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